Covid-19 update

Mama’s Choice reopened for business on 13th July 2020. I have completed training in control of infection in a post-Covid-19 world, have completed full risk assessments of each treatment and made changes to the way I practice in line with the government recommendations. I have provided a link to my training certificate and Covid-19 policy for your information.

How can Mama’s Choice support me & my pregnancy?

Here at Mama’s Choice I offer safe, evidence-based, holistic complementary therapies to help with pregnancy discomforts and worries, to optimise your chance of a natural birth and to help you adapt to motherhood.

I am passionate providing women with information to enable them to make informed choices, to take control of their pregnancies and birth and give them the tools to do just that.

At Mama’s Choice I aim to empower you to use natural methods to enable you to have the natural and positive birth experience that you deserve.

Take a look at the therapies- how can I help you?

Hello, my name is Laura Wallbank
I am a registered midwife with 26 years’ experience in all areas of practice. I have a life-long interest in complementary therapies and have trained extensively to enable me to offer aromatherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, reflex zone therapy, moxibustion and clinical hypnosis to women during pregnancy and the postnatal period. I use my midwifery and therapy skills in conjunction to ensure treatments and advice are both safe and appropriate for you and your baby. Read more…

I was so nervous about going for my 1st acupuncture session, but Laura was amazing at settling my nerves, she explained everything so amazingly well and made sure I understood everything. I felt so comfortable knowing Laura had checked all the right stuff about my background, health and pregnancy before beginning any treatment and felt completely at ease.
I have had 3 acupuncture sessions for back pain/sciatica and have truly seen such a difference, from the very first session.
I also think the stretching and massage techniques Laura taught me have also helped along side this.
Such lovely over all experience.


I’ve been seeing Laura weekly since Week 36 of my pregnancy, and her treatments have proven an absolute lifeline. My back has been progressively more painful from carrying the heavy bump around, but following Laura’s aromatherapy massages I am able to move, bend, and walk without any strain (I can even put my shoes and socks on normally, which was beginning to feel like an impossibility). I’ve found her Labour Preparation sessions particularly valuable in learning Spinning Babies positions to practice every day, and acupressure techniques which have made me feel much better equipped as labour approaches. She has a wealth of knowledge about pregnancy, induction, labour and aromatherapy which have really helped to calm my anxiety and put my mind at ease. I cannot recommend her treatments enough – thank you Laura!