Don’t take my word for it, take a look at the comments and reviews my clients have left for me here.

I was very fortunate to have received alternative therapies from Laura in the process of a hospital induction of labour. After my waters were broken artificially, Laura supported me in my decision to decline Syntocinon (intravenous hormone drip) and instead, encouraged labour with a custom selection of aromatherapy essential oils and an acupressure massage intended… Continue reading Leanne


Whilst pregnant with my second child, I was overdue and really wanted to avoid being induced. I tried a variety of things, but it was Laura’s relaxing aromatherapy massage and acupressure which was effective in helping me go into labour within hours of seeing her. Laura made me feel relaxed and was incredibly calming and… Continue reading Anna


I wanted to have a positive experience having my second child and was keen to avoid being induced so I got in touch with Laura, mainly because she is a very experienced midwife.By using various techniques including hypnosis, acupressure and complementary therapies I felt mentally prepared for the birth and I thankfully avoided being induced.Thanks… Continue reading Aileen


I’ve been having regular aromatherapy massage with Laura for relaxation through my 3rd trimester. She has been a wonderful support, is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced midwife, and I have really enjoyed the sessions. Her treatment room is a wonderful tranquil retreat from the day to day pressures. I would highly recommend her services.


I went to see Laura when I was 35 weeks pregnant with lots of anxiety about my baby being breech. Laura put me completely at ease and set me up with Moxibustion and exercises to turn baby. I had a scan 4 days later and baby was head down! I was so relieved! Not only… Continue reading Samantha


I’ve been seeing Laura weekly since Week 36 of my pregnancy, and her treatments have proven an absolute lifeline. My back has been progressively more painful from carrying the heavy bump around, but following Laura’s aromatherapy massages I am able to move, bend, and walk without any strain (I can even put my shoes and… Continue reading Sally


I was so nervous about going for my 1st acupuncture session, but Laura was amazing at settling my nerves, she explained everything so amazingly well and made sure I understood everything. I felt so comfortable knowing Laura had checked all the right stuff about my background, health and pregnancy before beginning any treatment and felt… Continue reading Sophie